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Exclusive: Japan quake to slow down Avatar 2 filming?

Posted by Patrick Sauriol on Monday, March 21, 2011

Last September, Avatar creator James Cameron revealed that he had plans to film part of Avatar 2 at the deepest known part of the world, the Marianas Trench. At 35,996 feet below the surface of the western Pacific Ocean, its only been visited once by humans. Cameron said that he wanted to go down to the bottom of the trench to do research for the deep ocean lifeforms he wants to bring to life in the Avatar sequel, as well as to film scenes using special 3-D cameras. Cameron said that the special submersible that would take him to the bottom of the ocean was already half-built and being worked on in Australia.

That part of the story is known. What comes next has been revealed exclusively to Coming Attractions by a source that we know well.

According to our insider, the March 11 9.0 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Japan has put Cameron's dive plans in jeopardy. Hundreds of aftershocks have been felt since the first quake, and while the intensity of the aftershocks are of lesser strength than the original 9.0 quake, they will go on for an undetermined period of time -- perhaps for years. That's why Cameron's dive is now in jeopardy; the safety of the divers, including Cameron himself, may now be beyond a point where liability insurance will allow for.

Sending a manned expedition six-and-a-half miles down into the deepest part of the ocean is already a sizeable cause for concern. With this new element of jeopardy, it could be just enough to prevent James Cameron to call action live from the bottom of the sea floor.

-Name withheld.
Daltons chin dimple
Posts: 12800
Posted: 6 years 5 days ago

Has Cameron now just reached the point where he can do what he wants as no studio will say "No!" to him?

....says "Kill Bond, NOW!"
Posts: 74
Posted: 6 years 4 days ago

Would you say no to a guy whose last two films made over a billion dollars each? And that's just theatrical. Let's not forget that TITANIC 3D will probably gross another good chunk when it's released this year. Will be interesting to see who wins in the 3D BO one-upmanship between Cameron's work and Lucas'.

Already plotting revenge...
Posts: 965
Posted: 6 years 4 days ago

i do not understand the need for actually having a manned team down 6.5 miles in a trench just to get some footage for your sequel... oh, and while we're down there lets see what life is like at the bottom of the ocean...

Uh..what? wait a minute... cant your staff Avatar 2 artists just use their imaginations for deep sea underwater monster? it's not like the audience would know any difference, James.

i think James Cameron does these crazy adventures and then builds them around the movies he's filming... he doesnt NEED to do this dive to finish Avatar just like all the crazy deep sea stuff he's been doing for his documentaries about titanic... HELLO??? Just tell a good story and we're sold... we've never been to the bottom of th ocean so we wont even know the difference if you build an under water set that LOOKS like this 6.5 mile down trench or film someplace else... who cares.

I personally wasnt all that impressed with Avatar (I didnt see it in 3D) sure it looked visually stunning but so did Aliens and that came out when.. 1986? James, did you really need to go to another planet and find REAL aliens to film Aliens back in 1986? no.. you didnt... stay focused dude, stay focused and come back down to reality like the rest of us schmucks.

Posts: 7587
Posted: 6 years 4 days ago

So these quakes may actually speed up filming, because now he can't do the dumb dive and will just have to make the movie normally.

Faster and faster, a nightmare we ride. Who'll take the reins when the miracle dies? Faster and faster till everything dies. Killing is our way of keeping alive. - Virgin Steele, Blood and Gasoline
Posts: 965
Posted: 6 years 3 days ago

Cameron doesnt do ANYTHING normally after Titanic.